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Gabz: As previously reported, Jay-Z and Kanye West, aka The Throne, have set up camp at a small space in the Nolita section of New York City (specifically 201 Mulberry Street) for the weekend. Last night, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Swizz Beatz, Just Blaze, and Memphis Bleek, along with industry types and our very own Mikey Fresh (who fanned out: “Exchanged words with Jay-Z. #201Mulberry #itwasalladream“), all stopped by the small pop-up shop on the day of Watch the Throne‘s physical release. Props to The Life Files for capturing photos of the scene and the “Otis” Maybach Thronemobile… decorated with a “What Would Hova Do?” bumper sticker!

Mikey: Fanned out was right. By now, Info pretty much had me backstage and VIP at every hip-hop event that happened in NYC over that past few years. But what happened after a few drinks and appetizers at the Chinatown Brasserie seemed a little unreal. I mean I was literally in the middle of mai tais and spring rolls when my girl got a text telling her to come to the WTT Pop Up Shop because Jay stopped through to mingle with fans. So of course we run over there, which was only a few blocks away. The door was shut down when we arrived but through my patna’s slick maneuvering wrist bands were issued and the stan-demonium began.

Scene 1: Mikey and crew step inside 201 Mulberry street, the “Otis” Maybach appears to the right. Fan boy fresh runs over to cop a feel. “That shit Cra!”

Scene 2: Hov is just standing around with Beyonce talking to fans and diddy-boppin to WTT tracks as the “Otis” video plays on a huge projector.

Scene 3: Glasses of Ace circulate, we wind up a few feet from Jay and Bey. Than I say ***, ***** ** *** ***** to Jay. My WTT CD winds up signed.

Admittedly , my professional-ism was a bit off last night. But you what, I don’t give a f*ck. I got into this because I love hip-hop and to get a reminder of why I sacrifice and bust my a** for this was awesome. The memories of right now.

More photos and Beyoncé’s arrival…
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Shout to the The Life Files once again for the photos.

Beyoncé arrives at the store as awaiting fans greet her.

Be sure to stop by 201 Mulberry until 8pm today or from 11-6pm tomorrow!

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