Considering both the long wait for the album (thanks in part to the horrific motorcycle accident he was involved in) and its much deserved success, it’s no surprise that Jay Rock is milking every last drop out of Redemption (without making it go sour, mind you). Having already given “King’s Dead,” “WIN,” “The Bloodiest,” “ES Tales” and his J. Cole collaboration “OSOM” visual makeovers, the TDE rapper returns with yet another new video, this time for “Rotation 112th.”

With director Daniel Russell implementing some dizzying techniques behind the camera (hence “rotation”), Rock posts up at a cookout in his native Nickerson Gardens, where the ribs and burgers aren’t the only meat that’ll make you lick your lips. Don’t forget: Jay Rock’s Redemption tour — with TDE’s latest recruit Reason — kicks off next month.

Watch below…

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