You never know where, when or how Jay Electronica will pop up next. One minute he’s doing commercials for Toyota, the next he’s, well, not releasing an album. Tonight, just hours before Kendrick Lamar potentially sweeps the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Jay Electronica takes aim at K. Dot on a new song called “The Curse of Mayweather.”

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As with most Jay Elec songs, this beat sounds kinda old and the quality isn’t great, but these rhymes are clearly fresh off the presses. “He’s got 11 Grammy nominations, y’all not equal,” says the backing vocalist before Jay continues the subliminal attack on Kendrick: “Maaaan, fuck these white people/My grandmother died at 82 scrubbing floors/And n*ggas still running around begging for awards.”

This isn’t the first time Jay Electronica has spoken unkindly of Kendrick this month; he was recently caught on Periscope saying, “I like the one Kendrick song with Gunplay called ‘Cartoon & Cereal.’ Other than that, we don’t know what that n*gga talkin’ ’bout.” However, in response to some of his audience’s comments, he later went on to say, “You can’t say, ‘F*ck Kendrick. That’s still our brother.”

Jay Electronica tweeted the link to “The Curse of Mayweather” himself, if that’s any sign of this being an authorized release. It also sounds like his recent war of words with 50 Cent has got Jay fired up.

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