(Jay Electronica “Exhibit C”)

Mikey: Sure, Jay Electronica is a dope emcee, but tonight I also learned that he’s joker and a talker… and a drinker lol. With Jack D in hand, Jay took the stage for the Red Bull “Live From Somewhere” show at Santos in NYC to perform for his hardcore blog-built fan base…. Jay E brought out fellow New Orleans native Curren$y and the legendary Pete Rock, and also called out his famous homies (he tried to charge everyone’s bar tab to Paul Rosenberg, and stuck up for Dame Dash, who was being heckled). But besides all the drunken banter, Jay E. spit freestyles, rocked “Google Eyes”, and, of course, “Exhibit C” (which was restarted 4 times because of sound difficulties).

Bonus: download full audio from theĀ  Jay Electronica “Secret Show” in NYC (props to KQuick and GrandGood)

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(Part 2: Jay Electronica “Dear Moleskine”)

(part 3: Jay Electronica “Dimethyltryptamine”