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Jay Electronica + Twitter + alcohol = truth, hilarity and awesome-ness.

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The Roc Nation rapper has a reputation for letting off a couple of #drunktweets as the sun sets, and tonight was his finest hour. “These tweets are brought to you by coconut ciroc and the crap tables at mgm. #youaintthejudgeofme!” he tweeted before shouting out Miss Info, issuing a Fatwa on DJ Vlad and holding a Q&A with fans, which yielded a ton of hilarious and revealing responses.

For one, he thinks he had the best verse on “Control” and that Kendrick “really didn’t say anything” [/sarcasm]? He and Drake haven’t recorded a song together, contrary to what Just Blaze apparently spun at SXSW last month. He has an epic story involving Drizzy and Erykah Badu. He wants A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and Ab-Soul to sign to Roc Nation. And him and Lil B are collaborating soon (“and it will be the rarest thing ever to happen in music”).

Oh, and his answer to “will the album drop this year?” “Yes.” But you know how that goes. Check out our favorite Jay Electronica drunk tweets below (and quick, before he gets rid of the evidence).

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