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Ticket slump? What ticket slump? Despite reports that he was struggling to put bums on seats, JAY-Z’s 4:44 tour is in fact his highest grossing solo tour ever — and that’s just three days in.

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According to Live Nation, Hov’s 4:44 tour, which kicked off in Anaheim on October 27, has already sold more tickets than his entire Magna Carter tour in 2013. The average gross for the 4:44 tour so far is 21% higher than the Magna Carter tour, with the aforementioned opener in Anaheim earning 49% more than the same stop four years ago.

“This tour will be the biggest headlining tour of Jay’s career,” says Omar Al-Joulani, VP of touring at Live Nation.

It’s unclear how much money JAY-Z will add to his already astonishing net worth when the 4:44 tour is all said and done, but we do know it’ll be higher than his Magna Carter tour, which netted him $750,000 to $1.2 million a night, according to Forbes (that’s somewhere between $26.3 and $42 million over 35 shows in North America alone).

It’s true that ticket prices for the 4:44 tour have seen a sharp decline — some are going for as low as $6 on StubHub — but according to Billboard, that isn’t a reflection of low demand, but how JAY-Z has successfully priced ticket scalpers out of the game by charging market rates for the best seats in the house.

“The result:,” Billboard says, “a seven-figure per night gross for JAY-Z and a lower get-in-the-door price for fans looking for a deal.” After all, this is the guy who could sell water to a well.

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