With her new album Dirty Computer arriving on Friday (Apr. 27), Janelle Monáe is on a promo run to spread the word. While in New York City, the singer/actress/activist stopped by Power 105. 1’s The Breakfast Club, The Angie Martinez Show, and also appeared on HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning show.

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Sitting down with The Breakfast Club, Janelle discussed being mentored by the late Prince, the song “PYNK” and its captivating visual with the vulva pants, being bullied as a kid, the Michael Jackson vs. Beyoncé debate, derogatory words demeaning women, the “n-word” debate, female empowerment, meeting Cardi B, her acting background, starring in Moonlight and Hidden Figures,

Speaking with HOT 97, Monáe speaks on artist development, sexuality and the references on Dirty Computer, women’s rights, Kanye West agreeing with Candace Owens’ comments on Black Lives Matters, her relationship with Prince, her mission of continuing his legacy through music, the “emotion picture” in support of the album, and upcoming acting projects.

While on The Angie Martinez Show caring about the art form of music and paying attention to detail, Kanye West’s pro-Trump tweets, smart voting for the next presidential campaign in 2020, the black community stepping up to vote in numbers like those who supported Black Panther,Dirty Computer celebrating the oppressed people, and more.

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