A new Jamie Foxx song with Kid Ink just surfaced on the blogs. The singer/actor’s new sounds were definitely tailor made for the dancefloor enthusiasts of all ages. You can old school two step, or bust out your best Chris Brown impression to this groove.

Listen to the song below…


The reported tracklist for Jamie’s upcoming album

Hollywood: A Story Of Dozen Roses

1. Dozen Roses, Pt. 1
2. You Changed Me (feat. Chris Brown)
3. Like a Drum (feat. Wale)
4. Another Dose
5. Tease (feat. Pharrell)
6. Baby’s In Love (feat. Kid Ink)
7. Text Message
8. Hollywood
9. Vegas Confessions
10. Socialite
11. Dozen Roses, Pt. 2
12. In Love By Now
13. Jumping out the Window
14. On the Dot (feat. Fabolous)
15. Dozen Roses, Pt. 3
16. Right Now
17. Pretty Thing
18. Ain’t My Fault

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