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From the sonic direction to the album cover, Yeezus was a celebration of minimalism for Kanye West. But that doesn’t mean we have to stare at a blank CD case. GQ passed along the album’s promotional poster to a few famous faces — James Franco, Mister Cartoon, ESPO, Curtis Kulig and Wil Fry — and they kindly complied with the “Please Add Graffiti” request. Oh, and did you know Franco was originally asked to play the axe victim in Kanye’s American Psycho-inspired short film?

Check out the vandalized posters after the jump…

ESPO, Graffiti Legend:
“At the time I made the painting I had only seen the SNL performance and that was convincing enough. I read Jon Caramanica’s article in the NY Times and took Yeezus‘s answers as the yospel truth.”

James Franco, Actor:
“I was asked to get axed in an American Psycho-themed commercial for Kanye, but instead of getting cut up, I made a cut-up American Psycho piece for him.”

Mister Cartoon, Legendary Tattoo Artist:
“I got inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s eye. Also inking my name up on the poster felt like I was tagging on a bathroom wall back in the day.”

Curtis Kulig, Painter and Photographer:
“”I just saw those words PLEASE ADD GRAFFITTI and, you know, I don’t do graffiti so I wrote upside down to make that clear.”

Wil Fry, Artist and Designer:
“No one who feels like writing graffiti needs or wants your permission to do so. I burned sixteen copies of the leaked version of Yeezus and stuck them to the poster with velcro. I’d like to encourage everyone walking by to take one.”

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