J. Cole officially kicked off the campaign for his new album K.O.D. earlier this week by debuting his album for fans (in a strictly phone-free environment) in NYC and London this week. With his 4 Your Eyez On Me follow-up dropping Friday, April 23, Cole is giving us our first proper look at the project by sharing the tracklisting and cover art.

K.O.D., which stands for Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed and Kill our Demons, clocks in at 12 songs and features only one guest feature: a mysterious artist named kiLL Edward, who may or may not be J. Cole himself (a snippet that’s surfaced online suggest it’s Cole with his voiced pitched down).

And if the artwork is anything to go by, it looks like Cole has a message for hip-hop’s current drug problem on this album.

Check out the tracklisting below…

Also, watch official footage from J. Cole’s recent K.O.D. premiere in NYC.

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