Nearly four years ago, J. Cole gave his most compelling interview in a sit down with Angie Martinez. The discussion came one night after an emotional performance on the Late Show with David Letterman (one that had Letterman himself in tears) and at a tumultuous time where police brutality was on the rise.

Since then, J. Cole interviews have become scarce. But with a new No. 1 album out, an upcoming tour with Young Thug, and his own music festival coming this year, the Dreamville rapper returns to The Angie Martinez Show for another in-depth interview.

Watch the interview below…

Posted up at Salaam Remi’s studio house in Miami ahead of his headlining set at Rolling Loud festival last week, Cole discusses everything from his recent phone conversation with Kanye West to his long-rumored project with Kendrick Lamar (he doesn’t completely rule it out, but don’t get your hopes up) and how KOD has already been helping fans who suffer from depression and drug addiction.

The hour-and-a-half conversation also touches on meditation, social media addiction, the story behind Kill Edward, Cole’s relationship with his stepfather, the “fuck J. Cole” chants, and much more.

On Kanye West:

“When he called me he said, ‘Yo, right off the rip, man, I need you to hold me accountable, keep me in check, say whatever you gotta say! I need that, I feed off that!’ So [I was like], ‘Are you sure?’ Because I see this a certain way.”

“I would’ve never posted that [photo]. That made me feel a certain type of way — I told him that. He apologized, for the record… I felt like I got used as a pawn and that somehow it looks like I agree with what this dude is saying — and really that’s very far from the case. Actually, on the phone, I was concerned for him. That’s the real truth. I was wondering like, ‘Yo, am I supposed to be helping this dude?'”

“When you empower a demographic of people whose whole intent is to suppress and oppress people, then it’s like, ‘I can’t rock with that.'”

On joint album with Kendrick Lamar:

“It’s not that easy. It’s timing. This man is his own man, I’m my own man. He got a career, I got a career. I got a family, he got a family. It would’ve been easier back then.”

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