On the latest episode of A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, Eric and Jeff Rosenthal sit down with one of the nicest (in more ways that one) rappers of all time, Phonte. In a hilarious, insightful and jewels-filled conversation, Tigallo discusses everything from his history with Little Brother and the tragic, life-changing events that shaped his new solo album No News Is Good News to the story behind his scrapped Take Care collaboration with Drake and his memories of working and performing with a young Kanye West.

“Me, Rakaa and Ev[idence] kinda had a running joke between us about doing shows with [Kanye] and it’s like, ‘When did you get the ‘Kanye, Kanye!’? If you were opening for Kanye, the goal was: can you get through your set without the crowd yelling, ‘Kanye! Kanye! Kanye!'” he remembers. “I think Little Brother might have been one of the few that actually made it through without getting it.”

Listen below…

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