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ItsTheReal: It’s a proud moment when one makes the transition from reader to contributor. Hi, we’re Eric and Jeff Rosenthal and — for the past seven years — we’ve been making fun of (and with!) the rappers you know and love as the hip-hop sketch comedians ItsTheReal. Maybe you’ve seen our videos or listened to our podcast or retweeted our tweets or read our articles or heard our songs.

Or, maybe you’ve seen some of our interviews! Aside from the legendary Foot 4 Mayor, we got the chance to break bread with Neighborhood Nipsey Hussle, who happened to be spending time in our neighborhood: an East Coast parking lot. We asked him the tough questions, like, “The Chanel logo famously has two C’s. Is that a Crip thing?” as well as what he missed specifically about being on a major label (“nothing”) and about WebMD’s cure for an itchy trigger finger.

Watch ItsTheReal’s “perfect interview” with Nipsey Hussle below…

Look out for much more ItsTheReal x coverage of Hot 97′s Summer Jam 2014 coming this week.

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