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ItsTheReal: It’s a proud moment when one makes the transition from reader to contributor. Hi, we’re Eric and Jeff Rosenthal and — for the past seven years — we’ve been making fun of (and with!) the rappers you know and love as the hip-hop sketch comedians ItsTheReal. Maybe you’ve seen our videos or listened to our podcast or retweeted our tweets or read our articles or heard our songs.

Or, maybe you’ve seen some of our interviews! This week, after successfully gathering contestants for our new game show, Summer Jam Parking Lot’s Got Talent!, we ran up on Chinx (of the Coke Boys) and Childish Gambino (the mopey alter ego of Donald Glover), asking them the toughest questions we could. Because we’re serious journalists. And we demand answers.

With Chinx draped over our shoulders, we argued over the King of New York title, asked him to give advice to Coke Boys and Girls — who would soon be Coke Men and Women — talked shop about baseball and made a bunch of puns/drug references along the way. Donald Glover joined us to trot out his incredible and well-known impressions of Tina Fey, Chance The Rapper, Joel McHale and — of course — Childish Gambino. And yes, somehow, we even got him to smile.

Watch ItsTheReal’s interviews with Chinx and Childish Gambino below…

Look out for much more ItsTheReal x coverage of Hot 97′s Summer Jam 2014 coming this week.

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