Apparently at a recent State Property concert, Beanie Sigel chose to deal with Hov’s central verse in the song “What We Do,” by turning it into schoolroom scene from a Peanuts Gang cartoon. Awkward. (thanks to Forbez for the clip)

And then over in XXL, they reported that another disenchanted State Prop member, Peedi Crack is accusing Jay-Z of stealing flows… Meanwhile, Jay-Z had breakfast with Mayor Bloomberg and the new Russian gazillionaire who majority-owns the Nets and Barclay Stadium.

UPDATE: Young Chris responded to Peedi’s comments, telling XXL “Steel sharpens steel…” *rubs chin* hmm, ok. He elaborates on that….

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Peedi Crack was on Philly’s Power 99 with Cosmic Kev, and accused his former Rocafella/StateProperty boss, Jay-Z, of stealing Young Chris’ flow:
He steals swag, ideas, concepts—whatever you want to call it… Jay doesn’t just straight-up jack you for a song. He’s just smooth with it. You ever listen to Young Chris rap and then go back and listen to Jay? You almost start to scratch your head. The old Jay-Z never rapped like that. That’s Young Gunners flow to the tee. There are actually people that don’t know that that [the whisper rap] was [Chris’] flow. I don’t understand why Jay don’t just say that he got the swag from the young bull…Jay has no swag of his own.

hmm. Peedi is hardly the only one who has made the Hov vs Young Chris whispering connection (ie TinyMixtapes ) but is it just that same compilation-style that we see with many mega-superstars who constantly mutate over their long careers to keep their audience invested? Remember Madonna’s edgy Harlem period? LOL. Maybe Hov is just expanding his vocal repertoire? I dunno. (related: Just Blaze seemed to see it as a un-resolvable debate as well. Or just an uninteresting one? Honestly, so many of the current “debates” that get artificially riled up on twitter etc, are so boring I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to post them here. It always makes me wonder, which came first? The issue or the discussion of the issue?)

UPDATE (continued):
Young Chris tells XXL:  “It’s family, we all in the family…We work off each other’s vibes. That’s how some of our best, best records came out. You gotta think when we was in the studio at the time it’s pressure. Everybody that’s in there gets busy, from me to Peedi to muthafuckin’ Beans to Jay, Freeway, and it was like really a lyrical war in there. So when I say steel sharpens steel, I just mean we all fed off each other.”