Frank Ocean’s stunning and moving letter about falling in love with a male friend at 19 has everyone analyzing what this means for hip hop culture (yes, Frank Ocean is hip hop. He’s part of OFWGKTA).
We’re analyzing what this means for his career (despite what country singer Chely Wright says, I don’t think it hurts his sales any more than refusing to do any album promotion has).
We’re analyzing whether Frank Ocean is gay or bisexual.
And of course, we’re listening to Frank’s music and discussing nuances (real or imagined) that hint at the feelings he shared in that letter.

But I mentioned in my post that I was hearing from insiders about a lyric on Frank’s upcoming album Channel Orange that said “…running ’round my head, boy.”
So thankfully, the homie Nation has the sharp-ears. He pointed out that Frank actually performed that lyric, and that new song, “Forrest Gump” at Coachella in April.

So fascinating how the whole crowd, myself included, watched Frank onstage maybe thought he was speaking in a 3rd person narrative, maybe from the perspective from Forrest’s love Jenny?

“My fingertips and my lips, they burn from the cigarettes, Forrest Gump. You run my mind, boy. Running ’round my mind, boy. Forrest Gump. I remember you. This is love, know it’s true. I won’t forget you.”

Watch Frank Ocean perform “Forrest Gump”…
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Still really like this song, no matter who he’s singing about. I’ve been getting lots of tweets about men who feel conflicted about songs like “Thinking About You,” etc. I guess it doesn’t bother me because I have accepted that none of these great love songs, or offensive sexist songs, or hardcore lifestyle songs are about me, or for me, or to me. Lol.

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