(photo by Conor Lamb for Vice)

We always question youthful hip-hop movements by drawing out the similarities to previous successful examples. Sometimes I feel in hip-hop, we tend to concentrate on measuring “buzz” on new artists compare to who was “hot,” last year. Essentially, we’re blinding ourselves behind the fact that young rappers like the Flatbush Zombies don’t want to be like somebody, they want to be somebody…

Hit the jump to see a behind the scenes video from their Irving Plaza Show (w/ A$AP Rocky), debuting a snippet to their unreleased track, “Snorting Coke Off A Strippers Ass.”

(Shot and directed by Vinny Picone)

Even though the visually enticing video, “Thug Waffle” (video below) has lifted them to new heights, the trio comprised of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick Arc Elliot have likeable druggy mentality towards the way they approach music. I like that their daily lifestyle is the primary influence to their creativity…not trying to sound like their favorite rappers or trying to reenact notable hip-hop moments. They just want to be zombies.

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