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Great to see Kanye back on the Awards Show circuit…especially opening up the BET Awards with “Power.” But maybe in the effort to be mysterious and compelling, Kanye cut down some of the excitement that people wanted to feel. The IMax-visual were beautiful, but we never got to see Kanye in full lighting, or in the audience, or presenting. So by the end of the show, it was almost like he wasn’t there in person.

On Kanye’s blog, he posted photos of his huge pendent and ring (not sure if it was made by my homie Verbal’s company Ambush)…he called it “The Horace Chain,” which is either a reference to (or typo for) Horus, the Egyptian God of Sky. Unless maybe it’s an ode to classic Chicago Bull, Horace Grant ; )
UPDATE: lol, they changed it to “Horus Chain.” I love that VillageVoice thought it was a toaster.
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Watch video of Kanye’s BET Award opening “Power” performance…
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