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The skies finally cleared up at the Coachella concert grounds on Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day to be out enjoying the music. We had a pretty busy afternoon catching up with Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar, before heading over to see Azealia Banks. Harlem’s own rocked the biggest crowd of her career thus far. When we initially approached the stage about 20 minutes before her set time, the audience looked a little sparse but by 2 minutes into her show, a sea of people rushed in and went ape sh*t for her.

Miss Info: I was looking forward to seeing Azealia’s set as much as I was anticipating the bigger headliners because in such a short amount of time she’s become this polarizing figure. So there’s always the question of, can she deliver on the hype.

And in my mind, the answer is 100% yes. Not only did she have incredible stage presence, and a variety of weapons (a unique look, loads of confidence, swagger, dance moves, soulful vocals, and lots of speed spit)….but her breath control and clarity alone, was way advanced compared to Azealia’s female rap ancestors.

As iconic and compelling as Foxy Brown and Lil Kim were…fans suffered through many years of them screaming their verses into cupped microphones.

These new kids are on some high tech similac. Even if you don’t love her style of “vogue-ing” rap…just watching these clips, you can see that she’s got star quality.

I’m definitely interested in watching what happens in the months to come.

UPDATE: Added Azealia’s entire performance from start to end after the jump.

Watch footage of Azealia covering Amy Winehouse’s version of “Valerie” and “212” after the jump… and a portion of her stream after the jump…

Azealia Banks pays homage to Amy Winehouse with a cover of her version of “Valerie.” The Zutons sang the original version.

Azealia performs “212”

Azealia performs “Grand Scam”

Azealia Banks’ full Coachella 2012 set.

Our favorite concert security ever!

(Lol, the promo sticker which was thrown into the crowd has Azealia’s catch phrase from “212” written on it)

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