ILOVEMAKONNEN made news earlier this year, opening up about his sexuality and coming out as gay. A month later, the subject was brought up to the Migos during an interview with Rolling Stone, where the Atlanta group who previously worked with ILOVEMAKONNEN responded with some puzzling comments. After much backlash on social media, the group released a statement.

Migos frontman Quavo later tried to clear up his comments in an interview with Billboard, but again left readers questioning his thoughts. Makonnen now gives FADER his first interview since coming out in January.

In the piece, the Atlanta-based artist (who now moved to Portland) speaks on his decision to come out, his mother’s phone blowing up after the announcement, moving to Portland, and the Migos’ recent questionable remarks. The 27-year-old also opens up for the first-time on signing to OVO when his hit-song “Tuesday” blew up, getting no proper support from the label, having no relationship with Drake during his tenure there, parting ways with the label and a confrontation with Drake at a VMAs afterparty.

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On coming out and if the timing was right:
“I don’t even know. It’s just me and my life. I’m living. I’m 27. The world is changing, right? Donald Trump [was] about to make his big announcement on the goddamn 20th [of January]. Everybody know I’m gay and shit, so it’s like, I might as well go ahead and make my little announcement to the world so I can move on with my life. I said whatever I said in my tweet, and then I moved on with it. Here goes America, let me focus on that!”

Makonnen on why OVO signed him:
“They needed a hot song. That’s it.”

On internal struggles after signing with OVO:
“All of a sudden I got my song remixed by so-and-so and I had to go off to try and chase them around. And y’all telling me to come to Canada to deal with y’all, and you know I’ve got a record and can’t even get out the country right now.
Why you wanna play these games? When you got the goddam mansion out in Calabasas that I came out to and played y’all songs and ended up making you scared because you saw I could make songs on the spot? Why y’all wanna play these games? Why didn’t you just tell me you didn’t wanna fuck with me anymore and just let me go about my way? Why’d you make me chase you all the way the fuck around? And make me look like a fucking fool? Why [voice escalating] would you do this?

He’s [Drake] all in my face telling me, “You one of the greatest songwriters ever,” da da da. Just blowing me up, bruh. And I’m the little kid from tragedy right now. You could see it. It was written all over my face! I’m depressed as fuck!
And then when I’m like, ”Can y’all tweet out my mixtape? Can I get a feature? Can I get production?” No, no, no. So I’m just over here in prison?! Am I in prison?!!
And it’s like, who y’all talking about? Cause y’all definitely haven’t been talking about Makonnen lately. And they know my name very well — they used to say, “I love your name.” Remember? When it made change over there? Made more change than any other motherfucker on the label, huh?”

On a confrontation with Drake at a VMAs afterparty in NYC last September:
“I was threatened by others. Someone I so-called look up to. Saying, “We gon fuck you up the next time we see you.” And I was like, “Let me stop being me.” I started to go back to, “I’m just gonna go eat anything, and just be hiding myself and shit.” And then I was like, “No! I’m not doing that no more! I don’t give a fuck! I’m — me.” And that’s what led me to coming out and shit.

It was in the middle of the goddamn afterparty at the Up&Down club. Everybody that was in there was in there. I’m in here around these Vanguard Awards and I’m accepted and I took pictures with Chainsmokers and G-Eazy and everybody and we all friends. And I’m here in the middle of the floor, no security, and they coming and I just step to the side and they see me and stop and the biggest motherfucker in the game goes, woo woo woo, “Next time I’ma fuck you up!”
And all security and everybody stop like, “What the fuck.” And the guys with me was like, “What you do?!”
I don’t have nothing to say. All I did was smile. And I guess they took that as a threat. I was confused, like, “It can’t be little old me. I’m just a goddamned old record from way back when. What the fuck am I doing causing stresses and pains?”

Around all that security, the dude that’s doing it — we have a platinum-selling record together! The guy! The leader of the crew! This a nice VMA party, bruh. This ain’t no little back alley on the southside of Atlanta. Do you think I’m on some let’s buck shit?
I guess it came back from my freestyle, from that Tim Westwood. When I’m rapping, people think I’m throwing shots. I ain’t rapped no names! All I did was rap!”

On the Migos’ in Rolling Stone:
“[They said] some comments like, “World’s fucked up.” My world, that I was living in, was fucked up for me. That’s all I can say to clear those comments up like that. My world. The world itself is a beautiful place. It’s a natural habitat where people can live at.”

On Quavo questioning his credibility because he is gay:
“Did someone mention credible and not mention incredible? That’s really my only comment. Was there not an “in” front of that credible? I can vouch for myself. If we look back at the track record, I thought it was “my friend Makonnen teaching me how to whip it.” I thought he was “my friend.” But you see how friends do in interviews. So it’s like, Oh well. With friends like these, who needs enemies. And now you gotta come back with some sorry ass excuse. Nah. That’s only cause you got the #1 record and you didn’t wanna fuck it up.”

On Migos releasing a statement following the backlash on social media:
“Y’all gotta do y’all for face game to save your face. Y’all gots to do y’all. I’m gon’ always do me. I got no animosity towards y’all. [Pause] Why is it about me? Why you talkin’ about Makonnen? y’all “Bad and Boujee” right now. Why we talkin’ bout Makonnen? It’s whatever. Ain’t nobody hit me up personally. Y’all want to reach out to me? I’m not hard to find! I’m not hiding from nobody. Don’t talk on me saying I feel like I have to hide, don’t mention anything about me.”

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