Filling in for Lisa Evers on Street Soldiers, Hot97. 9-10pm. Please tune in if you’re available.

UPDATE: thanks to any of you guy who listened in. I think that it was a little dry, there are so many parts of this case** that I would have loved to discuss in depth. But I was kind of nervous so I didn’t follow my overambitious outline like I should have or mix it up which would have been more juicy I guess. But I appreciate the opportunity from Lisa and my boss, and definitely appreciate the encouragement from you guys, lol….and I appreciate Mark Claxton from 100BlacksinLawEnforcement and attorney Jason Foy for joining me.

Talib Kweli was supposed to be there too, no idea what happened to him. But Mark and Jason were very insightful and both kept it real rather than play to the popular opinion. For example, Jason didn’t mince words about the problems of prosecution, and he said that the Justice Dept. isn’t going to take up the case because its a losing prospect. Mark was very outspoken about his group’s position that as cops, their oath is to the community first, and their “fraternity of blue” second.  Anyways, like I said earlier, Id say I did about a C. There were no major disasters and I credit that to the great guests. Will be better if there’s a next time : )

One thing I wanted to say but didnt get the chance to, was that….just personally, as someone who has been following this tragedy in the news, Nicole Paultre Bell never ceases to amaze me and break my heart. Just how she carries herself is really moving. And different from many of the people flocking to the case.

**(things that I love to have more time to discuss: the questions of conflict of interest in prosecuting from the start, the strategy or lack there of on the part of the district attorney’s office, the controversial issue of the witnesses, did Sean Bell’s friends unintentionally hurt the case against the cops because of their testimony, is the hope of a federal trial just lip service to ease the outrage, would a jury trial have been better, and why is it that with an ugly history of police involved civilian deaths here in NY—is there such a strong history of city civil-suit payouts without criminal convictions. I know the burden of proof isn’t nearly as strict with civil suits, but still, it sends a conflicting message.)

PS: to that person who emailed me yesterday about this issue, go kick rocks.