iggy azalea team

“Take a Chance, like I’m from Chicagooo…”

I just listened to this song and I didn’t start bleeding from out my ears. It reminded me of a song that would play during the closing credits of one of the Fast & Furious movies (somewhere between the 3rd and 43rd installments, one of the ones where they would just brute-force jam in ethnic urban subcultures in a harebrained land grab for audiences). That’s not even a bad thing, but most of those songs never made it past a Planet Fitness playlist.

But the news isn’t that Iggy has released a new song. The more important question is:

Can you objectively listen to this song and judge it? Or is Iggy Azalea just too polarizing for a fair shake? Be truthful…did you make a who-farted face when you merely read the title of this post? Did you retweet it with a .gif of Steve Carell screaming “No!” If so…do you really believe that someone like Iggy should just go find something else to do? What?

Listen to “Team” below…

“Team” will appear on Iggy’s upcoming album Digital Distortion.

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