Nahright’s Nation tried to put me onto this hilarious show years ago but for some reason I refused to listen. And, that was a huge mistake on my part.

Broad City started as a simple web series in 2009, but million of views and a bunch of critical acclaim later, Amy Pohelr jumped on board and helped bring the show to Comedy Central.

The basic premise is centered around two twenty-something year olds, Abbi and Ilana, who live in Manhattan and are desperately trying to shake the post college confusion and become adults. Their interests include 90’s hip-hop, weed, guilt free sex and finessin’ the world. If you like the comedy of Girls but could do without all the emo stuff, this show might be for you.

Watch a few clips from the show below…

Broad City now airs every Wednesday night at 10:30PM est.

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