I only have about 3 chips left before I have to declare mental bankruptcy….so I was resisting this Kat Stacks groupie confessions debacle like it was a case of adult first-time chicken pox. But once I saw that Kid Fury was doing a full video analysis, how could I stop from watching? (Spotted on Freshalina‘s of course; )

“Yes, I hab screwed the hol’ Jung Money.” -Kat Stacks

Mack Mang, claim to be CEO, but he roomers with Jae Millz, ang GuddaGudda…” -Kat Stacks

I bing fugged Lil Wayne ang the n—a gave me twelve hunnid mufasuggin’ dawllors…hOH!” -Kat Stacks

(She had a lil bit of trouble communicating her feelings about BowWow with human noises, at the 6:36 mark)

Since is spelled s.i.n.c.e, not s.e.n.s.e. That spells sense…what cha don’t have.” -Kid Fury

Picture 28

More classy lady after the jump…including the original Kat Stacks video, which is so insanely awesome, it’s necessary to watch on its own. It didn’t hurt me, it helped me. And it will help you too.

Picture 27

The original confessional video. Please put away any expensive stemware before pressing play. This chick will crack crystal.
I godda alodda sars to tell” -Kat Stacks

Supahead is horrible. I’m sure.