Shoutout to King Allister, you can click here to download the radio rip….

“I Get Money” remix


Here’s the real version, courtesy of the friendly folks at G-unit : )

[audio:01 I Get MONEY REMIX CLEAN.mp3]

Or the download link from Tha Hustlaz, here….

Tonite at the station, it was Flex, Ciph, Chris Lighty, KingNelsss from G-unit, and Tat Wza….and obviously when Hov’s verse came through, the reaction was….oh word? Goin in on Ladies Love Todd James?

Here’s the quote:

“I’m already the goat, next stop the billy…”

And immediately, some of the room insisted, nooo noo, Jay is just saying, you know, he’s aiming at becoming a billionaire…get it? Billy? Billygoat?…..Then a message even came through from Hov himself, that he wasnt going at LL.

Stop it. Just stop the foolishness. Dont insult my intelligence. I know that Hov knows that we know exactly what deftly played message comes through in that verse. As I said tonite on Celeb Drama, there are no accidents and no coincidences when it comes to someone as sharp as Jay-Z. If he didnt want to hit send on that subliminal, then he would have used some other equally clever wordplay.

And speaking of subliminals….Lighty pointed out this other part…

“When I flipped Rocawear, I told ’em gimme mine in cash…yeah, checks might bounce, alphabet boys might check my accounts…”

Ah, the Dame Dash dig….never gets old.