Miss Info: In just a few hours last night, Hurricane Sandy went from being a fun meme inspiration…to being a deadly and destructive disaster. Most of the Missinfo.tv team is in the dark without Internet or electricity…but luckily Mr.North is manning the blog while we check in via phone. Here are just some of the scary images of what we are seeing in New York. As day breaks, the real damage is coming into sharp focus…my favorite news anchor NY1’s Pat Kiernan mentioned this morning that in same ways, these shared challenges and destruction hasn’t been felt like this for New Yorkers since 9-11, although the fatalities are way less, obviously. And it’s true, we were all huddled at home, with candles, or on our phones…checking on each other and glued to the news.

And we were all shocked by the photos and stories of fires, flooding, and heroism. And the casualties are still being counted.

If you would like to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy: Donate money to the Red Cross’s Hurricane Sandy efforts. Donate to Team Rubicon, Iraq War veterans who are volunteering their rescue expertise. Or The Salvation Army. Donate to rescue pets via the Humane Society. Or More charity links via New York Observer. Or volunteer to help out at a local shelter. According to NY1, these two shelters need help at John Jay High School (237 7th Ave, Brooklyn) and the Park Slope Armory (361 15th St., Brooklyn).
UPDATE: Details on texting quick $10 donations to the Red Cross, Humane Society etc.

Check out the surreal videos and pictures from what happened last night….
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Con Ed explosion on Manhattan’s East Side


You could see that Eastside’s Con Ed explosion from all the way across the East River in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Video of the front of an apartment building in Chelsea being ripped off


Parking garages are floating car fishbowls. Not sure why the water is stained red, but it just adds to the creepiness.


The World Trade Center construction site…became a waterfall during the surge.


Here’s a view of the ambulances rushing to evacuate over 250 patients after NYU hospital’s back-up generator failed, including newborns from the intensive care unit. They were carried down 9 flights of stairs in the dark. Unbelievable effort and heroism from medical staff and first responders.


While it seems to go against reason, there were tons of fires breaking out amidst the flooding. In Breezy Point, Queens…the winds spread fires along entire blocks, destroying 80 homes. Hundreds of firefighters and soldiers were called in. But look at the aftermath:

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