Hunger Games Mockingjay Trailer 2
(Mockingjay‘s Peeta Mallark, President Snow, and Joanna Mason)

As a huge fan of the Hunger Games book trilogy, and a hesitant fan of the film versions (hated Hunger Games Part 1, loved Hunger Games: Catching Fire)…I’m open-minded about the conclusion, which will be split into two separate films to part you from as much of your hard-earned cash money as possible. This second official trailer for Hunger Games: Mockingjay is still as measly on insight as Trailer #1, but maybe that’s a good thing. I remember avoiding the onslaught of trailers for movies (especially the Marvel types) because at a certain point, you start feeling like you’ve seen the whole highlight reel before ever getting into the theater.

Sidebar #1: Katniss is reportedly on its’ way to being one of the most popular baby names in 2014. Along with Khaleesi. This is not okay.

Sidebar #2: If you also enjoyed the Hunger Games books, or the Divergent series (Everything after book 1, went downhill)…I strongly strongly recommend this book called Red Rising, by Pierce Brown. We’re talking post-apocalypse, dystopian, crazy society caste system, high-tech body modification, kids playing war games…it’s like Hunger Games meets Gattaca meets Gladiator. Thank me later ; )

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