(The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Lenny Kravitz looking like they got dressed in a goth sex shop.)

Huzzah! If you only care about the latest “Stay Scheming” freestyle, just keep scrolling to the next post…because this one is personal!
You already know I’m a huge nerdy retainer-wearing buffpuff-exfoliating comp-notebook-doodling security-blanket-carrying superfan of The Hunger Games book series. Basically, it’s about a future world where the country’s evil dictatorship forces kids from poor areas into a yearly deathmatch to earn food. If you ever saw the very twisted Japanese movie Battle Royale, it’s somewhat similar…but with more sci-fi and, aww, triangle teen romance!

I’ve been closely tracking the progress of the first movie in the trilogy for months. But with some skepticism. (Why is the “girl on fire” dress so lame? Why does those horrible fighting uniforms look like outlet UnderArmour? Why does the set look like a bad WB pilot? Why the hell is Lenny Kravitz in this? And most of all, for the love of Team Jacob, don’t you guys see how much money Twilight made? Put a little effort into this thing!)

But with the movie release on March 23rd, there’s a new trailer I can sink my teeth into! (and pick apart like a dingo on a rotting carcass)

Watch Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone), Josh Hutcherson (The Kids Are Alright), Liam Hemsworth (um, Thor‘s little brother and Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend)….
In The Hunger Games trailer…
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The Hunger Games: Trailer #2

The Hunger Games: Trailer #1

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