Here’s some vintage Kanye footage from Chi-Town natives Coodie & Chike dug up. In this clip, which is from 2002 when Ye was just starting to see some real rap money, Kanye’s gets his first big boy Benz, the G-Wagon. You can even see him trade in his ML430 aka the babymomma mobile aka the Korean soccer mom car. Classic.

In other Watch The Throne news, the duo’s album is expected to sell over 400K copies in it’s first week. HitsDailyDouble says the numbers are 436,079 copies sold. [320,893 (digital) and  115,186 (physical)]. Billboard should be dropping their calculations any minute now. Stay tuned.

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When he was nine, Frank Ocean’s godfather subscribed him to Robb Report, a magazine for the ultra-rich. Less interested in fiduciary smarts, it’s a catalog of conspicuous consumption, highlighting tropical vacations, invaluable antiques and, as Ocean came to know, really expensive cars. Though he comes from a middle class family, he obsessively read the magazine’s classified ads, fixating on exorbitantly priced used Bentleys and Maybachs. “I would just fall in love with all their cars. That was the start.” Ocean, whowas born Christopher Breaux (and goes by Lonny to friends), downscaled his material desires, and when he was 13, began going door-to-door, detailing cars for cash. “I would bring all my supplies. Literally, it was like a movie, I had a wagon, those long red wagons, like a Radio Flyer-type wagon, and I used to buy my own soaps.” Simonizing cars wasn’t just a means of glimpsing the unobtainable. He had been bit by the singing bug and wanted to make money to purchase studio time to record covers of songs by groups like Jagged Edge with an aspiring rapper friend. But not just to fulfill a nascent creative desire—he needed practice if he was going to get rich. “I knew the only way I could make it a livelihood and make a living off of it was because I was great at it,” Ocean says. “I didn’t want it to be my hobby, I wanted it to be my career.”

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GQ: Would you rather be a rapper that doesn’t get paid but is universally loved or a garbage man that can’t rap but has one billion dollars in the bank?
I’d rather be the garbage man.

GQ: But what about rapping?
Waka: I don’t care about rapping. As the garbage man, I’d be filthy rich and in a position to change a lot of things. I can help a lot of people that really need. And ain’t nobody ever know where it came from. I like that.

GQ: If you were in the movie Aladdin and got three wishes from the genie, then…
Gucci: Three wishes, hell. Financial security for my family for the rest of their lives. No diseases for the rest of my life. And great sales for Ferrari Boyz.
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Below, one of Waka’s biggest admirers turns on his alter ego for a special yoga session.