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Judge Baverman is not playing around. He doesn’t care about your Free T.I. t-shirts and he doesn’t care about T.I.’s property value. He doesn’t even care about the bigwigs at Atlantic Records and Warner Brothers who put up their own money to back T.I.’s $2.2 million dollar bond.

He wants to see $2.2 million in cash, upfront, like a ransom straight out of a South American corporate kidnapping. He even asked for equity in T.I.’s mom’s property, until the lawyers told him that she didnt have any. What the hell! What’s next…does your grandmother have any savings bonds, Mr. Harris? A coin collection?

Meanwhile, TI’s team has offered up everything they possibly can to get their marquee artist out on bail. Seeing as how he has numerous concerts, movie projects, American Gangster promotions, and 5 kids to attend to, it makes sense that the next few months before TI’s trial are very precious ones. Especially if at the end of this trial, TI is facing up to 10 years in federal prison. (sigh)

Here’s just some of what TI’s lawyers proposed:

-TI gives up his driver’s license and his passport.

-He submits to random drug testing.

-He pays for a court-appointed monitor to live in his house, and watch him 24 hours a day, making sure he never leaves, and searching everyone that goes in and out of the house. There would also be some sort of electronic monitoring (ankle cuff?).

-He offered equity in his homes, worth $1.5 million.

-And 5 record execs signed bonds for another $700,000.

But Judge Baverman still said, “I haven’t decided on releasing him yet. I just haven’t heard the conditions yet and I’m not satisfied.

The Judge wants to see a cash bond for the full $2.2 million. Plus the equity on the houses. And the 24-hour monitoring, drug testing, and removal of all in-house safes. Only TI, wifey Tiny, and the kids would be allowed in the house. And the Judge is still needs to think about it until next week. This is where we see what kind of commitment the Warner Music Group really has to their “asset” because no one else has access to that kind of cash.

During today’s bond hearing, the judge commended TI for the way he has “reached out to the community, particularly the community of the underprivileged, with great generosity.”

But then pointed out that TI was arrested on the same day that he should have received two BET awards: “On the day that is probably the most important of his professional career [Info: ehh, that’s a massive overstatement], T.I. shows up armed at a gun deal to buy machine guns and silencers. I’m really, really concerned about that sort of dichotomy.”

Did I mention…sigh?

Carl Chery, formerly of SOHH, now over at BET.com (congrats on the new gig), sent over reaction to TI’s arrest from Swizz, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Drama and more. Click here to read.