Last week, I had an amazing time as the host of my editor Dana Albarella’s annual Block Party fundraiser for Rikers Island job training. The event raised over $50,000! (What recession!?) Of course, all the credit goes to the artists who donated their valuable work. Some very lucky people walked away with pieces by Espo…(ahem NCB)….and Shepard Fairey (of the iconic Obama Hope poster)….Haze and more. I got caught up in the excitment of seeing friends that I dont see nearly enough, and I asked Reas and Kaws to deface a pair of perfectly new Chanel booties, lol. Who cares! They’re just material goods….the moment is very more valuable.
kaws, missinfo

Anyways, Reas (aka Todd James) recently revamped his website and on Thursday at Noon, he’ll be releasing a very limited set of silkscreened prints, titled “The New Deal.” Only 120 will be available, at only $250 each.

todd james


After the jump: more details on the limited sale, as well as a photo of Kaw’s new Kanye West album cover and a larger pic of me getting tagged up…..wait, that didn’t sound right….you get the idea.

Remember Thursday at noon: Todd James “The New Deal.” 120 silk screen prints made from an original painting done in gouache and graphite they will be $250.00 each, size is 29.9″ x 22″, printed on coventry rag 335g archival paper.

Trust me, this is a good investment.

Photo: Me with my legs akimbo at the Block Party with Kaws (Reas tagged the other side….ugh, again, totally inappropriate wording on my part. No disrespect to these 2 lovely fellows with lovelier loved ones, lol.). Photo courtesy of Tim the very nice art director and NCB the big tuna over at Complex.
kaws, missinfo

And here is Kaws’ new Kanye West “Heartbreak and 808’s” album cover……(oh, if only I could tell the backstory on this one.) (thanks to Knowxone via Nahright)