Chicago is going through a new changing of the guards. The younger kids of the city are quickly becoming more synonymous with Chi-Town than the vets. Rappers on the come-up like King L., Lil Mouse and of course Chief Keef are bringing their own brand of street music to the forefront. Perhaps, one of the most talked about rappers making noise in the Midwest is Chief Keef. His undeniable street anthem “I Don’t Like” and the infamous Kanye West x G.O.O.D. Music remix of the track has come with its fair share of controversy. When I spoke to Keef a few months back he revealed that he has never even spoken to Kanye, and that the mix was done without his creative input. He seemed somewhat thankful about it but clearly he didn’t feel like he was being granted an incredible favor. Most rappers would give a body part for a Kanye remix. However, for the teenage rapper, it looks like the gossip and chatter has proven too much for him. Yesterday, he let out a tweet directed at Mr. West. Let’s just say he isn’t grateful.

Read what Keef said about Kanye after the jump…

Do you think Keef is right or wrong for this?


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