Here we go again! Homeland Season 3 kicks off on Showtime starting on Sept 29th (well, hopefully. My CBS and Showtime has been dead for 2 weeks.). And I can’t wait to cringe every time looney CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) self-destructs in her never-ending obsessive love affair with psychotic terrorist Nicolas Brody (Damien Lewis).
Judging from the new 3-minute trailer for this season, Homeland will bring new meltdowns from Carrie, Brody getting shot in a foreign country, congressional interrogations for Saul Berenson, and… oh great, the most despicable child character this side of Game of Thrones, Brody’s daughter Dana will start taking naked selfies and fetishizing her dad’s Islamic religion.

Bring on the tension!
Watch the full Homeland Season 3 trailer…
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