Natasha at the YBF, who appears daily on the homie Big Boy’s morning show on Hot97, reported that according to her sources, Lauren London was 5 months pregnant with Weezy’s baby (not to be confused with Weezy’s Baby).

Well, the firestorm surrounding that rumor is still ablaze, but honestly…its looking like it’s true. At least, the part about her being pregnant. I’ve heard about stealth tactics to hid her growing belly, about angry reprisals for the leaks, etc. So, congrats mom to be!

As for what part Weezy’s plentiful seeding of his man-grain has in Lauren’s next project…..its looking like a “Yes, Ms. Katie.” His camp has nothing but non-responses and non-committal no’s. So…its feeling like Lil Wayne will follow up his surprise baby of 2008 (“Exclusive: Dwayne Carter is born and the mama is…”) with a higher profile baby in 2009.

Meanwhile, Nivea, who just had her Weezy x BET declaration of love last year… probably feeling a) like a woman scorned, b) morning sickness, or c) like she dodged a bullet?

UPDATE: Another reliable source has confirmed it. Congrats, Lauren. Congrats, Weezy….again.