from my boy Eskay’s new interview on with 40-Cal, who is part of the Dipset extended family.

“Right now, it’s just family affairs. I don’t think it will escalate to the point where it’s really affecting me. I don’t even know the full story myself. It seems like there’s a lot of miscommunication going on. I can’t say I fully trust Miss Info’s website, so the facts are still shaky to me. No matter what, I’m reppin’ Dipset all day.”

At first, I was a little bothered. But when I think about it, I understand the dilemma and I also understand that there’s some internal negotiations that are going on, to try to make things right. And I respect that. And I hope that happens for the artists and the fans sake.

But the main thing that prevented me from blowing my top today was the reassuring reaction that I got from one of the Dipset honchos when I mentioned 40Cal’s quote. I wont share the exact words for 40’s sake, but I felt better afterwards : )