Excuse my ignorance because I have no idea who EricsWorldTV is but props to these guys for this hilarious spoof x infomercial. I mean, Philly’s own Freeway prides himself as having one of the best beards in the hip-hop, so his own beard lotion would only make sense, right? Sure, Rozay’s beard might be more well known, but we all know the Freezer started this beard gang ish! HAHA. As a bearded dude myself, I know it gets annoying as hell trying to maintain manly but groomed-looking facial hair. I actually talked to Andre3000 about it recently.

Watch the hilarious clip after the jump…

at the 3:18mark, the “can Asians grow beards” comes up again… here’s the answer… MY BEARD.

Rick Ross vs. Stalley ‘Beard Battle,’ Plus Rozay’s Favorite Rappers