Kanye’s laissez-faire, two-tears-in-a-bucket-fxck-it attitude: Immortalized, above. Emoji-fied, below.

kanye shrug

Emojis express the human condition… but there just aren’t enough of those tiny graphics to match the emotional range of our shady little hearts. So our buddies at Complex created “15 Emojis We Wish Existed,” to help say what cannot be said with pedestrian words. You just flipped a pair of kicks for a couple stacks? Hit your lesser-than friends with The Birdman Handrub emoji. Your boy questions your generous dating standards? The Kanye Shrug emoji. And the Swiss Army Knife of all emojis? The Cam’ron Screw Face emoji.

Check out our favorite fantasy emoji….
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The Birdman Handrub In Real Life….

The Birdman Handrub In Your iMessage Convo…
birdman handrub

Cam’ron’s Real “Stop It Five” Face…

The Cam’ron Digital Disapproval Emoji…
camron face

Check out the full range of hilarious hypothetical emoji over at Complex’s Tech channel.

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