Dr. Dre is gearing up to officially launch his brand new music stream site, Beats Music. Originally, Dre named the company Daisy last year, but spent some time fine tuning his new project for an official 2014 launch. Dre has appointed Trent Reznor as the Chief Creative Officer and plans to compete directly with Spotify. Insiders suggest that Dre’s new service will have more artist curated lists and personalized playlist options. Reports say the Beats Music received a $60million investment this past March.

“Right now, these things are all utilities,” said Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Beats Electronicof the streaming service: It’s give me your credit card, here’s 12 million songs, good luck… We have an entire generation that was brought up on sound being inferior, and sound is the only conduit for emotion that we have. We’ve had ten very bad years in the audio industry. So we want the best possible quality, and it will have global scale. So it will be a balance of those things.”

via The Guardian

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