My friend Erik Parker (from Vibe/Sohh and more) was actually in Haiti during the earthquake and captured this awful footage from his iphone.

IllDoctrine’s JSmooth speaks on the tragedy in Haiti.

There has been an outpouring of support and donation for various Haiti relief causes.
Playcloths streetwear brand has created a Haitian Jack charity tee
DuckDown Records is donating all itunes sales on Sat. Jan. 16 to Yele Haiti…
Bun B. and Slimm Thug have their “Houston for Haiti” fundraiser this Monday at Warehouse Live in Houston…
George Clooney, Wyclef, and many others will host a telethon on Fri, Jan. 22, that will be simulcast on MTV, VH1, ABC, NBC, HBO and CNN…
Even though Russell Simmon tweeted without checking his facts, Tiger Woods team has confirmed the golfer will donate funds as he did with The Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina…
And even though there are reports questioning the ability of Clef’s organization to handle the sudden and massive influx of donations, the good news is that Yele Haiti is now partnered with highly experienced orgs like AmeriCares

On the plus side:
Drug companies have donated antibiotics, anesthesia meds, and more. Haitians in the US illegally now have protected status to prevent deportation. Haiti’s government has given the US control of the airport and even Cuba is allowing access, both to speed up deliveries. Supermodel Gisele Bunchen has donated more than Goldman Sachs. And a small baby was found alive under the rubble after 68 hours.

But on the darkest, most horrifying, down side:
The window of rescue hope is closing. The FBI is warning about charity scams. Rescue efforts are facing setbacks and frustration (with some victims even turning down food because of miscommunication). Victims with treatable crush wounds are now dying because of a lack of treatment. There is growing unrest. Bodies are being dumped in mass graves, completely undocumented for their families. And the children, in pain, are there on every news outlet.

Wyclef, as well as AllThatsFab‘s Martine Cauthen, both in Haiti, plea for help, after the jump….

UPDATE: Wyclef responds to accusations about his Yele Charity….

Wyclef appeared on CNN to update us on the disaster.

AllThatsFab‘s Martine Cauten spoke to MTV’s Sway Calloway about what how bad it has been in the hospitals she’s volunteering at. And she urged us to donate to the legit organization that she is affiliated with. Here’s what she told her ATF partner Aura Harewood

But there are still hundreds buried underneath the rubble and rushed to the nearest hospital (well not really rushed, there’s no transportation–ppl are walking and traveling far distances, i dont know how they are making it). The hospitals are unsanitary with bloody needles on the ground, re-used knives and scissors–it’s just a horrible sight.

As I watched and helped doctors sew limbs back together–the patients had VERY VERY little anesthesia–they could feel everything and it was obvious they were excruciating  pain.

Baptist Haiti Mission ( This is where i worked yesterday and I know if you donate it will go straight to the organization. Everyone is asking me if I need anything–No, I personally don’t. As our house in Kenscoff is in very bad condition and we can’t sleep in it–I am currently staying at a friend of a friends house which seems pretty safe. The only way you can help me is if you donate here.

There are a lot of false reports via twitter and other organizations, but being here in Haiti I can tell you the real place to donate. I plead that you pass this email on.

Thank you and pls Pray for my country–“

CNET posted an extensive report on how to avoid charity scams, and find the best place to donate your money for Haiti…it seems to me like the best way is to either go major/experiences/equipped/vetted….or go super small/specific/local.