(thanks to reader Ron Rich for the tip)

Um…first off, it sucks for Miami rapper Brisco to get robbed and pistolwhipped [contrary to news reports, Brisco told XXL that he was not beaten] in the barbershop and have his Range Rover stolen….but on another note: who knew the Dade County cops were the inspiration for Reno 911? Listen to the cop’s description of the crime at the 1:38 mark (of the top video)!

“They took a little bit more off the top then expected…This robbery was off the chain…For a rapper to have his bling stolen, they might have well stolen that man’s heart.”

and Brisco’s response (on the second video) was classic too….

“I’m still alive, and you know that street medicine gonna be guuud….just get bigger jurrry and still go hard. This is great material for my next album.”

wait…did this guy just announce on the local news that he’ll be taking revenge? Oh wait, no…his album is going to be called Street Medicine. So…he didnt self-implicate…he just self-promoted at an odd time.