Uh oh. Seems what many people thought was indeed true. In an interview with Chuck Creekmur of AllHipHop, Havoc confirms it was indeed him who took to Twitter and dissed Prodigy back in April. While the two tried to keep up appearances following the Twitter tirade, many in the hip-hop community felt the two were clearly trying to cover up some issues within the Mobb Deep camp. This comes on the heels of Havoc’s cousin, Ferg Brim, going on radio recently to voice his thoughts on past issues with Prodigy.

“The tweets is crazy. And I was speaking of a stand point of being mad, but still being truthful of how I felt – but it was just the wrong thing to do at that time. Mobb Deep is on hiatus, indefinitely, until things get hashed out. And eventually, the real story will come out…”

Spotted at Eskay/NahRight

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