Ok, sure, let’s just get a few things out of the way…yes, this young girl, named Kana (she won the title of Japan’s biggest HP fan) needs braces. Also her love of all things Hogwarts is probably not the healthiest thing.

And, fine, it’s cringeworthy when she touches his face. But beyond all that….

how adorable is this exchange? She’s so enthusiastic and earnest. And Daniel Radcliffe….just might be the best richest-Hollywood-teen ever! I want to high-five him for being such a human being. He made that girl’s life. (I also love that he did the waving victory-fingers.)

Sugoi!! (awesome!!)

(confession: I blew off work to go to a sold-out midnight showing of Half-Blood Prince in BK on opening night)

UPDATE: wait! I forgot how awesome Daniel Radcliffe was on….see after the jump….

Daniel Radcliffe spoofs himself on Ricky Gervais’ HBO series “Extras