(The massive Times Square “Harlem Shake”, via AnimalNY)

Ever since Baauer’s catchy electronic dance tune “Harlem Shake” turned into this insane do-it-yourself phenomenon, there have been 4000 versions of the video uploaded every day. Four Thousand! All following the same formula…intro music with one guy pelvic thrusting while the rest of the room ignores him, then when the beat drops, cut to a chaotic scene where everyone is dancing and raving. And done. Youtube views smorgasbord! There’s a Firefighter Harlem Shake, and a Today Show Harlem Shake, and countless college Harlem Shakes, office Harlem Shakes, porn star Harlem Shakes, even the Hot97 in-studio Harlem Shake

You know the only thing missing from the Harlem Shake videos? Actual Harlem Shaking.
Oh yeah…remember that little wobbly dance craze that was all the rage in the early 2000’s when it appeared in various Bad Boy music videos? One of the few dance fads that was best done by kids under the age of 16. Something about loose connective tissue perhaps.

Well, the Baauer song and viral meme is not about that Harlem dance. Sorry G.Dep.
And when Shlepp Films went to Harlem to see if the streets are “con los terroristas” with the rest of the “Harlem Shake” fanatics….the answer was a big fat no.

“They look like they smoked some dust…”

Well…actually, lol.
To be fair…I’m pretty sure there are more kids in Harlem dancing around in spirit hoods and “air humping” to the EDM “Harlem Shake” than there are kids doing the Harlem “Harlem Shake” in 2013…but it would be great to see someone tackle a hybrid-homage video to both past and present dance crazes. DO IT!

Until then….Let’s compare the Porn Star “Harlem Shake” to the Bad Boy “Harlem Shake”…
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Here is the censored work-safe version of the Porn Star “Harlem Shake”. These gals are not cut out for King of Diamonds. (check Animal NY for the NSFW version)

Here is a video compilation of the original Harlem “Harlem Shake” dance move. WORK, you little flexible babies!

Oh, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, Professor Lock is on the interwebs to “teach you hip hop moves and funky grooves.”
Oh my god.

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