More goodies from last night’s Superjam at SOB’s….

Queen Latifah parts the crowd, comes on stage and does a lil’ touch of Unity….

Qtip goes on a World Tour….with a huge backpack, lol….

Drag-on surprises the -ish outta me by jumped on stage and spitting Down Bottom….perfectly…

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And nuff respect goes out to DJ Enuff (seen here with fellow Heavyhitter and rising star DJ Kast One) for hosting the night. I really think alot of these artists came out to show Enuff love too…so without him, it could have gone a whole different route.

DJ Enuff and fellow Heavyhitter DJ Kast One

But this was a funny endnote….folks were getting so annoyed with one guy on the side of the stage who kept whistling his approval of the show. Really loud. But Saigon leaned over and said to me….yo, you know who that is, right? Thats Bruckup!… Thats a blast from the past. And sure enough….please witness. The Face :