In case you didn’t know, Waka Flocka is a recovering pyro maniac. Before rap music, the Brick Squad gang was busy shooting Roman Candles at each other, while trying to avoid setting themselves on fire (which is actually a lot of fun). It’s the truth, yo. Watch Flockavelli explain how to do this properly on his hilarious Fireworks Safety segment that ran on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

BTW, fireworks will never get old for men. I’ve loved messing with these things since I was like 10, and I still love chucking Black Cats out my 3rd story window when drunkards from the bar across the street get out of hand. I live in the Financial District so you can imagine the kind of commotion it creates. Mwahaha!

Even Miss Info was hand-over-mouth Asian giggling in Seattle somewhere…

(referred by Big Homie, the Silent Assassin)