wow, you know what…..for once (and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, prolly only once)…..I actually agree with Bow Wow on this one.

I mean, BowWow’s chest-thumping is a little hilarious (especially when you tell someone to come out and get some, and then pass it off to your two humongous bodyguards)…..but…..I give him credit for defending the completely harmless Omarion. And asking random obnoxious questions to clearly just get a rise out of someone you’re interviewing, is kind of a lazy cop-out. Subtle funny jabs take more thought, but pay out more. And if you push buttons with the truth, nobody can dismiss you as a hater.

(shout to Steve for sending me the link to this in the previous post)

On a semi-related note: I’m hearing some stuff about some bad habits that certain pop-rap celebs are picking up from their star-friends. Not good. I’ll investigate and report if the rumors are substantiated.