Lmao word drop fast RT @Bigbigguy: @ItsKiddKidd u guys jumped gunplay?”
-via G-Unit associate Kid Kid’s twitter.

There were two separate incidents of “aggression” at Saturday night’s taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. There was the altercation between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy (read more here), and then there was the Gunplay fight….While 50 Cent was onstage making peace with Fat Joe in honor of the late Chris Lighty, the G-Unit and MMG crews have definitely not mended their beef from the days of Pimpin’ Curly and Tia Kemp. Sources tell me that when Gunplay (of Ross’ MMG camp) walked alone through the corridor of trailers by a group of G-Unit associates, including Kidd Kidd, Mike Knox, Tony Yayo and more….he was jumped. Someone caught the end of the brawl on camera, when Gunplay and one other person are left fighting, and a policeman ends it by pepper-spraying both of them (apparently Machine Gun Kelly was downwind from the spray as well).

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Video of Gunplay fighting G-Unit outside of the BET Hip Hop Awards (via RealTalkNY): What’s almost as teethclenchingly ignorant as the actual fight….is the gleeful narration by the guy filming this. When aliens come down and exterminate us in the distant future…they will analyze our artifacts and come to the conclusion that “worldstar” was some kind of term that also meant “die die die!” SMH.

Multiple sources who witnessed the fray confirmed to MTV News that Ross’ protégé Gunplay was also involved in fisticuffs with members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit camp. Gun was seen with visible wounds and a witness told us that the Miami MC was put into handcuffs and detained, but a separate source close to Gunplay told us that he was not arrested.” -via MTV

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