I don’t know why something that is borne into absurdity would develop into anything more sensical….so I’m not surprised that now, on the heels of the BET Hip Hop Awards brawl between MMG’s Gunplay and members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew….Gunplay called up TMZ to chat about the fight.

Couple things that caught my attention:
1) Calling up TMZ. How do you guys feel about that?
2) Gunplay’s spin on being ambushed by G-Unit is that he prevailed despite being outnumbered. Which seems to be backed up by this video.
3) Gunplay also suggests that he tried to fight 50 Cent, but Fif was “hiding” behind security. I thought he was onstage at the time?
4) Gunplay says this “melee” is something that he goes through “on a daily basis.” Yikes! That sounds stressful.
5) TMZ’s headline reads, “Rapper Says He Wants to KILL 50 Cent.” Dude. Really? That is wildly inaccurate and unethical. Maybe a reference to “kicking his ass” was just not juicy enough? I have transcribed the short convo, so you can see exactly what Gunplay said….

UPDATE: It seems that 50 has responded on Twitter…

Did Gunplay really say “he wants to kill 50 Cent”?…
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Gunplay: I was by myself, and it was five on one….I don’t know about shots fired…all I know, I had to fight off five dudes (TMZ: Who are the five dudes?) they were couple of 50 cent’s peoples, I  fought them off, kick one of they fat asses, kicked them off in the dirt, and the police sprayed me with mace, and that was it. It was just a big ol’ melee. It ain’t nothing that I ain’t been through before, it ain’t nothing that I don’t go through on a daily basis in my hood. so it ain’t nothing new…
(TMZ: Well, this doesn’t happen at the Emmys…)
Gunplay: I know, man. You got a bunch of mf’s in the place with a lot of money and a lot of egos. Something is bound to happen.
(TMZ: Was this revenge?)
Gunplay: I feel like I redeemed myself, because I never liked him, I always wanted to kick his ass. So finally got the opp to get close to him….
(TMZ: Was 50 in with the group?)
Gunplay: Yeah, but he was hiding behind security, I couldn’t get to him. I tried to break his little f–kin’ neck…(Was this related to the fight between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy?) Nah. This is two different things. We just goin’ at it with everybody. Let’s go. MMG Maybach Music, kill em all…
(TMZ: I would think you would want to live…why play with that fire?)
Gunplay: I ain’t playin’ with it, they playing with it, if you playing with me. You playin’ with fire.
(TMZ: Have you ever thought of changing your name to “I Wasn’t There”?)
Gunplay: If you f–k with me, you play with me? You might get “gunned” down….For the record. I did not shoot nobody. I ain’t produce no firearm… I just tried to snap a lil’ twerp neck.


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