I was literally crippled with laughter…and guilt about said laughter…while watching this week’s episode of South Park. While the 100th episode got all the attention for bringing back South Park’s past roast victims, it was not nearly as diabolically funny as this ep’s parody of the A&E show “Intervention,” (with drug addict Towelie) and its parody of summer camp for kids with developmental handicaps, Lake Tardicaca. They have the “Intervention” sound effects down to a science!
(on a serious note though, I think substance abuse is ultra serious and destructive, and anyone who has fought for their sobriety after being an addict has my utmost respect)

More South Park “Crippled Summer” clips after the jump…

watch the entire episode here….or these select clips


(“Go away, I’m walking on sunshine!”-Towelie)

(ok, this doesn’t include Cartman’s insane anti-Semite rant….but you can watch the whole episode)