Talked to Gucci Mane earlier today, while we were taping backstage at Hammerstein Ballroom. He was rehearsing for his appearance on VH1 Hip Hop Honors, which tapes on Thursday and airs on Monday, June 7th (accompanied by the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Live Blog Party, so please hang out via the web with me….much s–t talking will happen, lol).
And then Gucc went over to BET’s 106 and Park to debut his new “911 Emergency” video (see above)

So what about these rumors that the video’s young lady in white, Keyshia Dior, is Gucci’s new girlfriend? Well I asked him about that…after the jump

Picture 3

VH1 Hip Hop Honor’s producer Nelson George tweeted this photo of me and Gucci looking at 2 different cameras at the rehearsals today, lol…sidebar: I’m wearing 35 lbs of makeup. smh.

But I asked about the rumors about him and Keyshia Dior, who stars in the “Emergency” video, was allegedly partying with Gucci at Miami’s King of Diamonds stripclub….He flatly said, “man, that ain’t my girl.” LOL. So that squashes that. Seemed a bit fast to be cuffed up anyways. He’s only been home for 3 weeks. But Gucci definitely looked slim and in good spirits. He also said he and Swizz Beatz locked in and did 6 songs already for his next album.